2018, The State of Fake References

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We’re coming into the end of the first quarter of 2018 and pleased to announce that ReferencePal is growing fast and well. Every day we get inquiries from people around the world that are in need of a vital piece of the hiring puzzle, fake references. All too often, people find that their former colleagues are not reliable or could impede their job hunt with bad references. With such a large impact on their livelihood, people are finding ReferencePal to deliver the reference service they need to get the job they want.

Reference checks are very significant say majority of employers.

Some may wonder, how many hiring managers check references. The answer is simple, it’s the majority. According to a 2017 study from TimesJobs, “the signifigance attached to references is so much that, 58% of employers always contact the references provided by the applicant”. This TimesJobs Study was conducted with inputs from over 650 HR Managers across key sectors including IT, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, FMCG, consumer durables, travel and hospitality, BFSI, media & entertainment, infrastructure, BPO and ITeS all concluding that reference checks are very significant say majority of employers Read More

According to the Managing Director of GlobalHunt “It is very important for the hiring managers to know the truth behind the resume. Since, it is difficult to get the facts from the job seeker in a 1 or 2 hour long interview where the focus is also on other aspects, including – body language and personality, conducting reference checks seems to be the ideal method”Our team has provided references for people applying at companies large and small worldwide. We’re delivering outstanding references and achieving our ultimate goal, employment for our clients. Fake references will get you the interview, its up to you to deliver.

Still, however, there are people who decide the risk is greater than the reward and believe that they can get hired without outstanding references, they’re wrong. According to TimesJobs “59% HR managers say they develop an unfavorable opinion towards a candidate post a false reference checks.  Meanwhile, 36% HR managers say they develop a favorable opinion towards the candidate post a positive reference checks Read more

Reference checks are very significant according to the majority of employers. That’s a risk, very few are willing to take.

referencepal2018, The State of Fake References

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