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Many companies are picking up on fake references and are taking measures to catch fake references before they call in a candidate. Are you working with the best fake reference provider? We can’t forget, its nearly 2018 and the internet is packed with services suited for every need from products to services to fake references.

Hiring Managers & Fake References

Fake references are a key issue HR managers deal with when hiring applicants. According to a study, 10 – 20% of applicants are rejected each month after checking their references. According to a study by TimesJobs, nearly 1 in 6 applicants provide fake references. Hiring managers rely on references significantly for quality hires and noted

Bad landlord recommendation and how to overcome challenges.

Lawless landlords are everywhere. They ignore your calls and emails, act like they have no time while taking weeks, if not months, to offer solutions, if any. Reports of landlords harassing and/or illegally evicting tenants are rising. Landlords use different tactics to bully their tenants, including: interrupting gas, water, electric and cable services, disrupting mail,

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