About us

ReferencePal is dedicated to disadvantaged applicants and provides quality references that are reliable, professional, and effective.

Our story

ReferencePal was founded on the principal that everyone deserves a chance. Based in Downtown Los Angeles, we experienced rampant disadvantaged home and employment applicants and decided to do something about it, ReferencePal.com. Our founders come from fortune 500 companies and have decided helping others succeed is greater than self sustainment. 

  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Creating Brand Identity
  • Providing Web Design & Deployment
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Logo Design and Print Design

Our directors

Meet our Director and Officers making things happen at ReferencePal.com.

Amal Watson Director

The Director and founder of ReferencePal.com, Amal found the purpose and investment to get ReferencePal started and keeps it running.

Sean Phillips COO

Sean brings his field experience and Business Administration professionalism and leads Case Management at ReferencePal.com

Allen Watson CTO

Our in house computer wizard, Allen brings extensive experience in website design, development and deployment. Allen produces clean and coherent websites for our Virtual Companies. 

Why us?

We have been helping clients across the world with solid references, stunning resumes and rewarding careers since 2011. We have the tools and techniques required to help you land the interview and get employed. 

We work for you. After submitting the applicable form, we provide our services in the most professional and assertive manner. Based on your individual needs we ensure your story is straight and correspond accordingly. 

We assign a case worker to you that becomes your personal reference provider. Based on the form you fill out our case worker gets to know your story personally and corresponds the message to your future employer/landlord. 

We work with our clients to provide the most professional and personal experience. Its our goal to create a seamless reference providing experience for clients and potential employers as we’ve done countless times before. 

ReferencePal.com has positioned itself to continue its effort of providing disadvantaged applicants professional references as long as the internet is alive, in short, forever!

Our Virtual Companies

We currently host dozens of virtual companies and create new companies every week. Below are some of the most popular industries we work with.

Marketing & PR
Food & Beverage








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