Bad landlord recommendation and how to overcome challenges.

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Lawless landlords are everywhere. They ignore your calls and emails, act like they have no time while taking weeks, if not months, to offer solutions, if any. Reports of landlords harassing and/or illegally evicting tenants are rising. Landlords use different tactics to bully their tenants, including: interrupting gas, water, electric and cable services, disrupting mail, verbal abuse, and more.

People who might otherwise be perfect tenants that become marked as evicted will have a hard time finding another place to live. Sometimes outrageous and unlawful, life changing evictions can happen to anybody and follow its victims indiscriminately to their next lease application. The only real way to get through this situation is, apply to dozens of residences for approval, or, get a Landlord Reference from ReferencePal.

Some tenants don’t even know their landlord hates them. In this case, tenants who think they’d receive a good reference get a negative one and not the home that they applied for. Often by surprise, the majority of landlords are less than excited to meet, greet or help their tenants. The only way to be sure is by doing a Reference Check to know what your dealing with to make better decisions during your search for a home.

If your landlord was unfair and your in need of a reference, look no further than ReferencePal to provide your Landlord Reference and Reference Check.

referencepalBad landlord recommendation and how to overcome challenges.