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Many companies are picking up on fake references and are taking measures to catch fake references before they call in a candidate. Are you working with the best fake reference provider?

We can’t forget, its nearly 2018 and the internet is packed with services suited for every need from products to services to fake references. Fortunately, the Internet is so full of stuff, we all can’t keep up with the latest developments or offerings. We all know, fake reference providers are out there, though not all are created, or operated equal. While your company and the one your applying for ask for references be sure provide what they’re looking for, no leaks, no gimmicks.

The question is, how many companies are aware of fake references and are they doing anything to stop them? According to a November 2012 study by CareerBuilder, approximately 30 percent, 1 in 3, employers surveyed reported that they have caught fake references.

The study covered nearly 2500 hiring managers and went on to state that the bulk (80 percent) of companies contact references when evaluating potential employees and 16 percent contact references prior to calling the candidate in for an interview.

References today are more relevant than ever, candidates may never make it through the door without having someone vouch for them and their work history.

Companies large and small are doing their best to ensure the candidates they chose are the ones they plan to keep. Bob Violino of CSO says “It might seem like a lot of extra work in the hiring process,” and suggests hiring managers are doing all they can to fight back against fake references.  After all, hiring an employee costs a lot more than the ad placed at, or your local job board, it costs plenty of time and resources to find and place a candidate, let alone keep one.

ReferencePal provides thorough reference services including website, LinkedIn, phone numbers, live associates and more to ensure your reference has no leaks, no gimmicks.

When searching for your next job, don’t risk your future with friends or potentially disgruntled colleagues; secure your job with

It might seem un-necessary to go the extra step and hire professional reference providers, until your resume gets no action and leaves you behind. Take no chances, contact today.


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