A Good Landlord Reference Matters

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More often than not, former tenants ask their leasing agent or landlord for a quality landlord reference to for their future landlord.

While landlords have no obligation to provide reference letters, they certainly wont help if your tenancy was less than perfect.

Landlords don’t see the reference letter as being of assistance to the tenant rather its a way to help their fellow future landlords.

Being evicted, late payments or tension of any sort will certainly work against future tenants and often haunts them for years.

The most common methods of tenant references are phone, when a future landlord calls out of the blue and asks about a previous tenant. It typically goes something like this:

“Mr. Adams applied to rent from my building and has listed you as his former landlord, would you mind answering some questions about his tenancy?”

The other most common method is requests by tenants to provide a favorable reference letter and send it to the future landlord. The request typically sounds like:

“My next landlord needs a reference letter from my previous landlord and I need it in 2 hours, can you do that for me? I was late on half of my payments and it wasn’t my fault. I would appreciate if you don’t mention that and try to make me look good and acceptable”

When given the opportunity to describe their experiences landlords fess up – good or bad. Take no chances with ReferencePal.com

Now there’s an answer to the horror of a bad landlord reference from ReferencePal.com fake landlord reference services where a leasing agent, website, phone number, fax number and business email backs up your good tenancy and helps get you the keys to your next place.

Take no chances with your future and order your own Leasing Agency to work for you with live agents and total support.

referencepalA Good Landlord Reference Matters

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