Everyone’s looking for an edge.

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Even for people with an impeccable resume, additional references, real or fake are needed.

Here’s where ReferencePal comes in by providing a facade of a legitimate business, staff and operation, ReferencePal has enabled people to get interviewed and hired.

The most common type of employment verification is faxing forms with little or no human interaction. By providing a fax number associated with the faux business address, employers find no traces of fake referencing.

When dealing with smaller companies hiring at mid to upper management levels, we find more prying candidate verification techniques and often from more than one hiring manager.

Regardless of the company size or requirement, ReferencePal provides top-notch service that satisfies hiring managers requirements across America.

You must provide stellar and foolproof references when getting a job in todays market, ReferencePal.com makes it easy and affordable for you to be considered, and employed!

referencepalEveryone’s looking for an edge.

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