White Lies & Fake References

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Trending topics like the “paradise papers” and “collusion” add teeth to the bite of exposed secrets. We’ve all done things that we’re not necessarily proud of and only hope that they don’t become unveiled in our personal or public lives. Fake references are a form of white lie and nobody wants to have their secret revealed, no sugar-coating necessary .

Every now and then, at one point or another, we create and share white lies that help us advance or avoid certain situations in our careers, personal lives and more. White lies are part and parcel of adulthood and used by some more than others at some point or another. While some people are horrible liars and others can do it in their sleep the potential negative outcome can be daunting and result in greater blowback than one might expect and as a result, people get anxious and wonder what’s next.

At REFERENCEPAL we’re often asked what the dangers and concerns are around using a fake reference for employment. 

Can a fake reference catch up with me? 

What will happen if I get caught? 

How many people have been caught?

Being in the business of fake references, we take the white lies we make and ensure they’re never uncovered through our discrete processes, robust services and total solution packages that patch any potential leaks that could develop. Proudly, since our founding in 2014, we’ve never had a client report a leaked event or HR managers detect our services. After nearly 100 fake reference services our record is perfect and we strive to keep it that way.

As with any opportunity there is associated risk. However, if you chose to use a fake reference, the choice between a friend or partner and a reputable reference company is a no brainer. While our fiends and family wish us well and want us to be hired, promoted and more, their ability to provide reference seeking HR managers is more often than not a fledging attempt that is all to obvious to the seasoned hiring manager.

At REFERENCEPAL the we minimize risk and maximize results by providing authentic, reliable and effective, our mission is to help disadvantaged job applicants get the job they deserve and keep it. By sticking to our guns and providing industry leading customer service, we at REFERENCEPAL have lots of job placements to be proud of and even more happy clients around the world. Hats off to the people who’ve braved through tough times and found REFERENCEPAL fake reference services to help them get through.

referencepalWhite Lies & Fake References
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