Time to fake your references?

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In an article posted by CNN “Should you fake your job references?” Rachel Zupek talks about companies who help job applicants get fake references to cover for bad references.

She goes on to state that experts warn that employers will find everything out with internet searches with some saying its better to be upfront.

To the contrary, a website, logo, phone and fax number along with Linkedin Profiles produced by companies like ReferencePal.com are proven to be effective. In fact, it’s the internet and use of its resources that make ReferencePal.com provide references that are as real as ever.

The rise of professional fake reference providers like ReferencePal.com makes people ask if the economy is to blame, is it worth it and what the consequences are.

Only we know our own situation, ability to perform the job and need to get to work as factors determining whether or not to use fake references to our advantage. 

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referencepalTime to fake your references?
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Running A Risk With Fake References?

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As you know, getting caught with fake references can be costly. You could lose your job and even be sued by companies wishing to recover their training costs invested in the candidate . While extreme, being caught with fake references rarely happens. 

ReferencePal.com provides you with a real business website with company logo, emails and staff to cover your story and have your back. We take calls and correspond emails to make sure your shining among the candidates and more likely to get the job you want. 

The greatest risk of getting caught happnes in the first week when the candidate cum employee demonstrates his or her ability to perform the job proficiently.

You might ask yourself, is it really worth the risk? It all depends on how proficient and capable you are at performing your job.

referencepalRunning A Risk With Fake References?
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