Our Fake Reference Success Explained

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ReferencePal has been serving fake references for nearly 5 years, each year we’re experiencing new professions, jobs both domestic and  international. We also have interacted with hundreds of hiring managers with extraordinary success delivering fake reference services. Our key to success boils down to many small (and a few big) critically important factors when developing and delivering our fake references. 

1. We are real professionals and providers 
At ReferencePal we’ve created a team of Professionals and Providers. Our Professionals are seasoned professionals in management, web development, marketing and customer support. Our Providers are highly vetted and professional and get reference providing that work closely with ReferencePal in creating personas and following suit. Interested in becoming a Provider? Click here. 

2. We create we don’t copy
Our virtual businesses are created from scratch. We create your business branding, logo and theme… built to a standard similar to referencepal.com.  Our fake references feature websites, local phone numbers and voicemails that look and sound real providing a real experience to HR managers and landlords. We don’t rip off websites or create any risk to your exposure, unlike some of our competition. 

3. We provide the experience
We focus on the small stuff as well. Local phone numbers, email signature blocks, customized voicemails and more create the most authentic experience for your potential employer or landlord. Our goal is 100% success and we’re pretty close. Check out what our clients have to say. 

4. We aim for perfect and land very close
We understand the importance and respect our duties and commitment to provide the best possible service. We’re proud to say that our success rate is over 94% and has been steady. While nothing is guaranteed, we can guarantee our best effort in providing the best possible fake reference for your advancement. 

Your success is ours. We’re proud to be at your service and look forward in helping you get the the most out of life. Don’t waste your time or money, get in touch today. 

referencepalOur Fake Reference Success Explained
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Many companies are picking up on fake references and are taking measures to catch fake references before they call in a candidate. Are you working with the best fake reference provider?

We can’t forget, its nearly 2018 and the internet is packed with services suited for every need from products to services to fake references. Fortunately, the Internet is so full of stuff, we all can’t keep up with the latest developments or offerings. We all know, fake reference providers are out there, though not all are created, or operated equal. While your company and the one your applying for ask for references be sure provide what they’re looking for, no leaks, no gimmicks.

The question is, how many companies are aware of fake references and are they doing anything to stop them? According to a November 2012 study by CareerBuilder, approximately 30 percent, 1 in 3, employers surveyed reported that they have caught fake references.

The study covered nearly 2500 hiring managers and went on to state that the bulk (80 percent) of companies contact references when evaluating potential employees and 16 percent contact references prior to calling the candidate in for an interview.

References today are more relevant than ever, candidates may never make it through the door without having someone vouch for them and their work history.

Companies large and small are doing their best to ensure the candidates they chose are the ones they plan to keep. Bob Violino of CSO says “It might seem like a lot of extra work in the hiring process,” and suggests hiring managers are doing all they can to fight back against fake references.  After all, hiring an employee costs a lot more than the ad placed at monster.com, indeed.com or your local job board, it costs plenty of time and resources to find and place a candidate, let alone keep one.

ReferencePal provides thorough reference services including website, LinkedIn, phone numbers, live associates and more to ensure your reference has no leaks, no gimmicks.

When searching for your next job, don’t risk your future with friends or potentially disgruntled colleagues; secure your job with ReferencePal.com.

It might seem un-necessary to go the extra step and hire professional reference providers, until your resume gets no action and leaves you behind. Take no chances, contact ReferencePal.com today.

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Hiring Managers & Fake References

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Fake references are a key issue HR managers deal with when hiring applicants. According to a study, 10 – 20% of applicants are rejected each month after checking their references.

According to a study by TimesJobs, nearly 1 in 6 applicants provide fake references. Hiring managers rely on references significantly for quality hires and noted that 20 – 30% of candidates fake their references. Significant at every hiring level, references provide hiring managers with better and more informed decisions.

Approx 40% of hiring managers rely on reference checks to ensure they hire better with more informed decisions and 30 percent say it helps exclude applicants with inappropriate workplace behavior while 21 percent say it helps gauge the cultural fit for the candidates.

Too frequently people are using fake references and getting caught. The primary reasons candidates are being caught is unprepared fake reference providers, lack of online presence and unanswered calls.

With ReferencePal, candidates are guaranteed that their reference provider is accurate, efficient and able to convince hiring managers that you are the right candidate.

referencepalHiring Managers & Fake References
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A Good Landlord Reference Matters

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More often than not, former tenants ask their leasing agent or landlord for a quality landlord reference to for their future landlord.

While landlords have no obligation to provide reference letters, they certainly wont help if your tenancy was less than perfect.

Landlords don’t see the reference letter as being of assistance to the tenant rather its a way to help their fellow future landlords.

Being evicted, late payments or tension of any sort will certainly work against future tenants and often haunts them for years.

The most common methods of tenant references are phone, when a future landlord calls out of the blue and asks about a previous tenant. It typically goes something like this:

“Mr. Adams applied to rent from my building and has listed you as his former landlord, would you mind answering some questions about his tenancy?”

The other most common method is requests by tenants to provide a favorable reference letter and send it to the future landlord. The request typically sounds like:

“My next landlord needs a reference letter from my previous landlord and I need it in 2 hours, can you do that for me? I was late on half of my payments and it wasn’t my fault. I would appreciate if you don’t mention that and try to make me look good and acceptable”

When given the opportunity to describe their experiences landlords fess up – good or bad. Take no chances with ReferencePal.com

Now there’s an answer to the horror of a bad landlord reference from ReferencePal.com fake landlord reference services where a leasing agent, website, phone number, fax number and business email backs up your good tenancy and helps get you the keys to your next place.

Take no chances with your future and order your own Leasing Agency to work for you with live agents and total support.

referencepalA Good Landlord Reference Matters
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Everyone’s looking for an edge.

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Even for people with an impeccable resume, additional references, real or fake are needed.

Here’s where ReferencePal comes in by providing a facade of a legitimate business, staff and operation, ReferencePal has enabled people to get interviewed and hired.

The most common type of employment verification is faxing forms with little or no human interaction. By providing a fax number associated with the faux business address, employers find no traces of fake referencing.

When dealing with smaller companies hiring at mid to upper management levels, we find more prying candidate verification techniques and often from more than one hiring manager.

Regardless of the company size or requirement, ReferencePal provides top-notch service that satisfies hiring managers requirements across America.

You must provide stellar and foolproof references when getting a job in todays market, ReferencePal.com makes it easy and affordable for you to be considered, and employed!

referencepalEveryone’s looking for an edge.
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Running A Risk With Fake References?

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As you know, getting caught with fake references can be costly. You could lose your job and even be sued by companies wishing to recover their training costs invested in the candidate . While extreme, being caught with fake references rarely happens. 

ReferencePal.com provides you with a real business website with company logo, emails and staff to cover your story and have your back. We take calls and correspond emails to make sure your shining among the candidates and more likely to get the job you want. 

The greatest risk of getting caught happnes in the first week when the candidate cum employee demonstrates his or her ability to perform the job proficiently.

You might ask yourself, is it really worth the risk? It all depends on how proficient and capable you are at performing your job.

referencepalRunning A Risk With Fake References?
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