Our Fake Reference Success Explained

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ReferencePal has been serving fake references for nearly 5 years, each year we’re experiencing new professions, jobs both domestic and  international. We also have interacted with hundreds of hiring managers with extraordinary success delivering fake reference services. Our key to success boils down to many small (and a few big) critically important factors when developing and delivering our fake references. 

1. We are real professionals and providers 
At ReferencePal we’ve created a team of Professionals and Providers. Our Professionals are seasoned professionals in management, web development, marketing and customer support. Our Providers are highly vetted and professional and get reference providing that work closely with ReferencePal in creating personas and following suit. Interested in becoming a Provider? Click here. 

2. We create we don’t copy
Our virtual businesses are created from scratch. We create your business branding, logo and theme… built to a standard similar to referencepal.com.  Our fake references feature websites, local phone numbers and voicemails that look and sound real providing a real experience to HR managers and landlords. We don’t rip off websites or create any risk to your exposure, unlike some of our competition. 

3. We provide the experience
We focus on the small stuff as well. Local phone numbers, email signature blocks, customized voicemails and more create the most authentic experience for your potential employer or landlord. Our goal is 100% success and we’re pretty close. Check out what our clients have to say. 

4. We aim for perfect and land very close
We understand the importance and respect our duties and commitment to provide the best possible service. We’re proud to say that our success rate is over 94% and has been steady. While nothing is guaranteed, we can guarantee our best effort in providing the best possible fake reference for your advancement. 

Your success is ours. We’re proud to be at your service and look forward in helping you get the the most out of life. Don’t waste your time or money, get in touch today. 

referencepalOur Fake Reference Success Explained
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5 Reasons You Need Fake References

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References are required at times of greatest need; having a good reference is great, having no reference is bad and a bad reference is tragic.

When considering fake references, we automatically calculate the risks vs rewards and ponder the decision often leading to worry and confusion. Here are 5 reasons you need fake references.

1. You don’t have someone to be your reference.

Maybe the company you worked for closed, or the person who would give you a good reference was fired or left their post. Whatever the reason, the person you need is not there to give you the reference you need.

2. Your last job didn’t end well

Not all jobs are fairytale stories…angry managers, mishaps or misunderstandings lead to bad references that will kill any chance for employment. Few brave souls would dare to use an angry former colleague or boss reference in pursuit of a new job.

3. Your current references are your friends or family

We all have friends or family that wish us well and would be happy to give a reference for your next job. Hiring managers are privy to this and ask tough questions that could backfire quickly. And lets face it, sally8818@hotmail.com does not scream authentic.

4. You spent too much time unemployed

Maternity, health issues, taking an extended vacation or traveling the world will leave gaps in your resume that are nearly impossible to fill. Hiring managers frown upon big gaps in employment. ReferencePal will give them something to smile about.

5. Your work history does not match application

Changing careers or industries is among the most challenging aspects of employment and can seem impossible. In order to get an edge and be able to compete, fake references are virtually the only way to overcome this obstacle.

Like a resume itself, references are part and parcel in verifying traits, personalities and capabilities of candidates and often constitute as a deal breaker or deal maker. When considering the effect your job has on your quality of life and long-term trajectory, using a fake reference to get where you need to go makes more sense.

Get value and security with your fake references by using ReferencePal Virtual reference services.

referencepal5 Reasons You Need Fake References
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